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Osuuskunta Työtä ja toivoa, y-tunnus 2833130-3

email: keikkapooli@outlook.com (finnish and english)

tel:  (+358) 50 43 55 419 (english)


Labour pool – Work and hope for immigrants


Do you need help with cleaning, gardening, moving, catering or any other? Through Labour pool you can support the employment of immigrants in a vulnerable position.

Labour pool was founded on initiative of Emmaus Helsinki and is currently part of the Työtä ja toivoa (Work and Hope) project of Emmaus and Helsinki Deaconesse Institute.

The people employed are supported with training, fair pay and a positive and supportive environment to learn and to access inclusion and participation in the society.

Already 32 people have been able to do gig work through Labour pool. Some of them are also employed in the so-called free employment market.

”I am very happy that I have a job and I am able to earn. I have got a chance to show that I can do many things and I can be helpful."

                                                                                                                      Romanian Roma Lidia working as a cleaner



If you are in need of a gig worker and want to help people in vulnerable position to get a better life, please contact us.

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