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Osuuskunta Työtä ja toivoa, y-tunnus 2833130-3

email: keikkapooli@outlook.com (finnish and english)

tel:  (+358) 50 43 55 419 (english)

3 good reasons



One of the special features of the Labour Pool is the people, who mostly come from Southeast Europe, representing various cultures and languages. Originating from countries where they faced discrimination and marginalisation, their access to the labour market in Finland is also very difficult and limited. The Labour Pool wants especially to emphasise the abilities and talents of the women who engage in the project. It supports the further training, development and integration of the women, also providing a space to tell their stories and connect with the broader public.



The Labour Pool is devoted to bringing changes in the lives of individuals and communities and is run as a social project that does not generate profit in regards to these services. It provides encounters for different people who live in the city, while providing a solution for those who want to avoid cleaning-related stress.




When you contact us we will try to find the solutions that suit you best. Our service section describes the key services, but we are interested to tailor them to your specific needs. No cleaning before cleaning is needed.


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