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Osuuskunta Työtä ja toivoa, y-tunnus 2833130-3

email: keikkapooli@outlook.com (finnish and english)

tel:  (+358) 50 43 55 419 (english)



  • Kitchen: sweeping/ vacuum and floor wiping, clean top stove and all counter surfaces, wipe outside of cabinets, clean sink and (reasonable number) of dishes;

  • Bathroom/s: sweeping/ vacuum and and floor/s wiping, clean the sink/s and shower, clean the toilet/s, wipe all surfaces;

  • Bedroom/s: sweeping/ vacuum and floor/s wiping, dust all surfaces, clean mirrors, change sheets (if requested);

  • Living room: sweeping/ vacuum and floor/s wiping, dust furniture, paintings, bookshelves, electronic equipment.


  • Cleaning windows

  • Laundry

  • Clean/ organize inside refrigerator

  • Clean inside oven

  • Clean and organize inner kitchen cabinets

  • Organizing closets

  • Moving in/out assistance


Tell us briefly, what kind of work do you require and how much time is necessary in order to be done. Please note that we are not a company and we might have some limits to what we can provide but we promise we will do our best!



Basic price on weekdays (Monday- Friday) from 06.00 to 18:00 for regular customers: 27€/h (and 32€/h for one time customers)

The prices outside the basic one will be in accordance with the collective agreement as following:

  • Monday- Friday, 18:00-23:00: +15%

  • Saturday, 00:00-20:00: +25%

  • Sunday (including Saturday, 20:00-00:00), 00:00-24:00: +100%

All prices includes VAT 24%

Minimum working time is 2 hours.


Hourly charge rates are calculated always per cleaner.


Cleaning products are not included.

We reserve the right to cancel the incompatible orders.

We reserve the right to change the prices one-month advance notice.


As a private client you will get tax reduction (kotitalousvähennys) 50 % (in 2017). The maximum amount of the reduction is of 2400 euros per person, from which the clients own responsibility is of 100 euros.

We can advise you in regards to the tax reduction related issues. More information on the tax reduction you can also access on the tax officials website.

Link to the Tax Agency and taxpayers pages:



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